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Experience the benefits of acupuncture in Mount Maunganui

From the muscles and tendons around your joints to the joints themselves, the osteopaths at Health 4 U are dedicated to helping improve and strengthen your mobility. At our fully equipped clinic in Mount Maunganui you can experience the benefits of osteopathy, acupuncture and much more. Please read below for more on what we do.
Experience the benefits of acupuncture in Mount Maunganui
Experience the benefits of acupuncture in Mount Maunganui

What training do osteopaths receive?

Osteopaths in New Zealand receive five years full time training, including a degree in health sciences followed by a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine.

Are osteopath clinics registered?

The Health Professional Competency Act makes it compulsory for all osteopaths to be registered.

What ongoing training do osteopaths receive?

All osteopaths are expected to update their skills, with the current requirement being 25 CPE points per year. We place a great deal of emphasis on ongoing training.

Do osteopaths put bones back into place?

Manipulation is only one tool osteopaths have available. The 'pop' heard when joints are manipulated is thought to be the result of rapid traction to the joints. The result is more mobility in the joint.

What happens on your first visit?

You will have a full consultation. This involves discussing how the injury occurred, details of other injuries, your medical history, an examination of your pain-free movements, orthopaedic exams and an examination of the tissues for any tension or restrictions. After this has treatment can be given.

What does treatment involve?

Most treatments involve work to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia). Mobilisation and manipulation are other tools that may be used dependant on your injury, age, medical history and requirements. Advice will also be given on lifestyle changes to hasten recovery and avoid further problems.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the severity of the injury and how long you’ve had it. The aim is to help get you through the acute stage of the injury as soon as possible. Then we will provide tools to maintain your recovery through avoiding aggravators and doing exercises.

What is the cost of treatment?

Non ACC $60, CSC (community services card) holder $55, Student $45, ACC surcharge $35, CSC ACC surcharge $30, Student ACC surcharge $25.

Am I expected to undress?

Depending on the injury site you may be asked to remove some of your clothing down to your underwear. We have gowns available. 

Can I see my osteopath of choice?

You can elect to see the osteopath most suited to you. We currently have two males with slightly different areas of expertise. If you are unsure as to who is most suitable please ask our receptionist or call for a clinic brochure.

What age patients do your osuuteopaths treat?

Anyone, from young children to seniors. If you are at either end of this scale please mention it to our receptionist on booking.

Is the clinic ACC registered?

We are an ACC provider clinic. You do not need to see your GP prior to coming in.
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